Digital Journal



Digital Journaling!

Self-reflection is one of the most vital tools we have for growth. The act of journaling has been around since early humans first put chisels to rock!

There are so many proven benefits to daily journaling.

Finding inspiration in revisiting past challenges we’ve conquered and viewing our path from a new perspective; we learn so much from the simple act of documenting our progress.

But journaling is also a potent tool in managing our mental health. It’s scientifically proven to help manage anxiety, and reduce stress and symptoms of depression.



To share? Or not to share?

Because your digital journal is personalized and encrypted, it goes without saying that it’s always completely private. Journaling is traditionally a solitary experience, of course.

But in times where you need extra support from the group, or maybe you’ve had such a powerful growth shift that you want to share it with others; your experience is always valued, here.

There are no rules in your own journaling, but we do closely monitor shared content. We believe in honoring one another on the road to growth.

That’s why hate speech, politics or degrading remarks are never tolerated in the community. Inclusivity, unconditional support, and positivity are the cornerstones of our foundation.

It’s easy to get started! Simply create a “new user” account, navigate your way to the “new post” section of the website, and personalize your journal.

Daily journaling is a simple way to start on your path to a better self. Feel free to include images, videos and documents for a more impactful experience when you revisit entries in the future!